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Sunday, November 6, 2011

THIS WEEK: Monday, November 7 - Sunday, November 13

We will be starting Section 2 of our novel study on Tuesday, so here is a quick link to the site. I hope everyone is enjoying this type of novel study. I do know that you are all doing very well! Section 2 will run from November 8-23.

TypingWeb: This is our 'deadline' week for the Beginner Courses, so make sure all Beginner Courses are done by Sunday night. Most of you are already done! :-)

TenMarksMath: Grade 6 assignment is Patterns and Sequences. Grade 7 assignment is Divisibility Check. Use paper and pencil and remember to do at least 20 questions.

RazKids: There will be no RazKids assignment this week.

ThatQuiz6, ThatQuiz7: I have assigned new quizzes for November. This month each grade has 6 quizzes, so a couple of weeks, you will have to complete 2 quizzes to be done by the end of the month.

ConceptuaMath: Folder 2 (Add/Subtract Proper Fractions) You need to complete the second sub-folder inside Folder 2 (4 lessons) this week.