Welcome to Room 121

Saturday, October 29, 2011

THIS WEEK: Monday, October 31 - Sunday, November 6, 2011

Room 205, your Section 1 of your novel study is AWESOME so far! Be sure to show the 'technology' sites to your parents, so they can see your wonderful work. Here is a quick link to Section 1.

TypingWeb: We are nearing the end of the first term, and you need to have all of the Beginner Courses completed by November 14. I am not requiring any 'set typing time' this week, but rather, I would like you to determine how much typing you need to do for the next couple of weeks to be done the Beginner Courses on time. Do not leave it until the last moment! Most of you have already met this First Term deadline! :-)

TenMarksMath: Grade 6 assignment is Patterns and Sequences. Grade 7 assignment is Divisibility Check. Use paper and pencil and remember to do at least 20 questions. I AM GOING TO GIVE YOU UNTIL SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13TH TO COMPLETE THIS ASSIGNMENT. THERE WILL BE NO NEW 10MARKS MATH ASSIGNMENT NEXT WEEK.

RazKids: This week you need to have read (and listened to, if you want) one more book and answered the questions on it.

ThatQuiz6, ThatQuiz7: I have assigned new quizzes for November. This month each grade has 6 quizzes, so a couple of weeks, you will have to complete 2 quizzes to be done by the end of the month.

ConceptuaMath: Folder 1 (Understanding Fractions) should now be complete. It is time to move on to Folder 2 (Add/Subtract Proper Fractions). Once again, you will need to complete 1 sub-folder inside Folder 2 each week in order to finish by the end of November.