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Sunday, May 22, 2011

THIS WEEK: Monday, May 23 - Sunday May 29

Here are your assignments for this week. They are due Sunday night.

1) RazKids - at least 30 minutes. Be sure to do more than just 'read,' so your minutes get logged.
2) TypingWeb - This is a short week again with only two school days, so your 'weekday' login (15 min.) can be any time from Monday to Friday (during school time or not), and then you will need to do one more login (15 min.) over the weekend (Saturday or Sunday).
3) ThatQuiz - Finish ALL May quizzes if you have not done so already.
4) TenMarksMath - As the 10Marks site was down over the weekend for upgrading, I will not assign a new assignment, but I will give you this week to finish last week's assignment if you did not get it done before the weekend. For those of you who finished it during the week, then you can have a 'free 10MarksMath' week :-). Last week's assignment was some Decimal Review (Decimal Representation). You are required to do at least 20 questions. You may use paper and pencil, but you don't have to hand the paper in.

I will be evaluating ALL Fractured Fairy Tale newspapers this week. Check them out! FRACTURED FAIRY TALE NEWS