Welcome to Room 121

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Where's Waldo Day? - June 10th

On Friday, June 10, the SRC is having a "Where's Waldo?" spirit day.  We would like to take a school picture with as many students as possible participating.
                         If you are unaware, this is Waldo:
Waldo is a character in a number of books, puzzles, and games that involve looking at very elaborate pictures to find him, hidden.  Here's an example:

 We would like to encourage kids to dress as close to "Waldo" as possible.  Red and white, stripes, if possible.  Toque?  Sure!  Glasses?  Why not!  If stripes aren't possible, then anything red or white would be awesome!

I hope everyone in our class can participate and be included in the picture!

Thanks, everyone!
Jann Porritt
P.S. This is a very important Spirit Day for Room 121, as we are in the running for 1st prize! We have had 100% participation on all of the previous Spirit Days and have a chance at a ‘dessert party’ provided by the SRC. :-)