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Friday, March 18, 2016

Room 121 Student Takes on a Good Cause

One of our Room 121 students, Chloe, has taken on a very worthwhile cause of trying to help one of the Syrian families who have recently arrived in Regina. She has written a tremendous blog, and we are sharing it with you in case you would like to help out. Please take a moment to read her blog (message below), and if you feel moved to donate, please send your donation to school where Chloe will see that it gets to the family.

War is a really big thing, and not 1 bit of it is fun in any way. The reason they have war is to make a decision; it could be for land, it could be for money, and it could be for power over the country. Well you might have heard about the war in Syria and how many of them are evacuating their homes and moving to Canada. One family in general has moved to Regina, and they are living in the south end. They are in need of supplies. They have some basics such as: beds, a few blankets, a kitchen table, a couple couches, a couple pans and utensils, but that is it. This family is a family of 8 people – a mother, a father, 4 boys (aged 14-27) and 2 girls (aged 15 and 6). They don't have too much, and they need more. If you would like to donate, here are some of the things you can donate, but please ensure that all things you want to donate are in good condition.

~Clothes - warm clothes (toque, mitts, jackets, etc) The boys are tall, around 6'3 and slim, and the dad is the same build. The girls are also slim and around average height for their age. 

~Iron+Ironing board

~ Pots and pans- They have a couple, but the mom asked for a big round pan.

~Kitchen supplies- think of stuff in your kitchen, spatulas, cheese grater, can opener, steak knives, measuring cups, water pitchers, etc.

​~Rugs, picture frames and lamps - think of things to spruce up a room, make it more comfortable.

~toys- the 6 year old girl would love toys, any she had are long gone, and maybe you have some toys you are not using any longer.

~Books- these guys need English books. Even children books are fine. They need to learn English.

~Blankets- Blankets, sheets, comfortable. They have some, but you can never have too many.

~Gardening stuff- these guys have a yard and love to garden in the summer.

If you would like to donate please bring it to school, and I will be able to take it with me. Thanks for your support. 

Thank you,