Welcome to Room 121

Saturday, January 9, 2016

THIS WEEK: Monday, January 11 - Friday, January 15, 2016

  We will have our first curling lesson on Thursday, January 14th. We will be on the ice at the Tartan Curling Club from 10:30 until 11:30 a.m. Parents are welcome to come and help on the ice or just to watch if they would like. Students need to come dressed appropriately - pants that are easy to move and bend in, long sleeved tops, light fleece or jacket, mitts or gloves. Sliders and brooms will be provided. 

  School Presentation: Helping Your Child Deal With Anxiety - Thursday, January 14th, 7 pm. If you have not yet signed up, but are still interested, go the school web site - http://wshawrylak.rbe.sk.ca/

THIS WEEK'S MATH: Unit 3- Decimals: 
Lesson 3.3 Multiplying Decimals by a Whole Number (video)
Lesson 3.4 Multiplying a Decimal Less than 1 by a Whole Number (video)
APPS WE WILL BE USING THIS WEEK: Please remember that purchasing these apps is optional, but I will say that for a child just learning long multiplication or division, or one who is struggling with these concepts, these Long Mult. and Long Div. apps are the best ones I have ever come across. They allow for all the support that is needed and reduction of support over time. They are costly, but in my experience, well worth the $ spent.
READ sites: You can read from any of the sites below during our READ time, but remember that you can always read from home as well. 
RazKids:  iPad or online (Teacher Username - jporritt)
EpicBooks: on your iPad (you have to have me log you in to our class account)
Newsela: iPad or online (informational text)
TumbleBooks: Regina Public library (free online books)
News-O-Matic: from iPads

 Creative Common Search - remember that all images and videos you use from the Internet need to be 'copyright free.' Creative Commons will help you to do this. Use the link to search for and find great images and videos that you can use.