Welcome to Room 121

Friday, October 2, 2015

Upcoming Fieldtrips

The Grade 6 classes from Room 117 & 121 will be going to the Science Center on October 27th. We will be spending the whole day there, so the students will need to bring a bagged lunch. At the Science Center the students will have an opportunity to spend some time viewing the displays, as well as take part in 2 different workshops – I Robotics workshop and The Science of Special Effects workshop.

The cost of this trip will be the cost of admission and workshops ($10.76) plus the cost of the bus ($1.50). The total cost for this trip is $12.26.

Both classrooms will also be going to the Fieldhouse on the afternoon of Wednesday, November 18th. The students will have an opportunity to use the track, the volleyball, basketball and badminton courts. They may bring their rollerblades if they wish. The cost of this trip is $2.25.

Both of these trips can be paid for online, and when paying online, you will also be giving permission for your son/daughter to attend these events.

Science Center: October 27th
                                                       Cost -  $12.26
Fieldhouse: November 18th
                                                      Cost - $2.25
                           TOTAL COST -      $14.51