Welcome to Room 121

Saturday, May 2, 2015

THIS WEEK: Monday, May 4 - Sunday, May 10, 2015

Moms, don't forget that our Mother's Day Tea is this Friday (May 8) at 11:00 a.m. in the mini gym. Sure hope you can make it. We will be trying to livestream it for those of you who can't make it, but will have access to the Internet at that time. We will be starting as close to 11:00 as we can. The livestreaming link is: http://bambuser.com/channel/Wsh205

Our READ Challenge continues to go well. In week 2, we had a class total of 6131 verified minutes, with 89% of our class turning in home reading minutes that were verified by a parent. Way to go, Room 205! Remember that you need to have your last week's verified minutes at school for Monday, so we can record them.  Mom or Dad can email me or send a signed note with the total minutes read on it. 

HERE ARE THE ONLINE ASSIGNMENTS FOR THIS WEEK: As we have a busy week, these will be a 2-week assignment due Sunday, May 17.
TYPING WEB: Advanced Course -> Lesson 4 - Accuracy Drills

Conceptua Math: Big Idea 6 Add and Subtract Unlike Fractions - Folder 3 (6.3.1, 6.3.2, 6.3.3 & 6.3.4)
REMEMBER: when you are logging in, the 'customer name' is my email - jporritt@accesscomm.ca, and your login does not have the 205 on the end.

RazKids:  You can read from RazKids during our READ time, but remember that you can always read from home as well. Don't forget that you now have access to our school library's Overdrive. You can access books on your mobile device (both etext and audio). 

This week in Math, we will continue working on Unit 5 - Fractions, Ratio and Percent. We will be doing 5.5 Equivalent Ratios (video) (See It - p. 180 Pearson etext) and 5.7 Exploring Percent (video)(Try It p. 186 Pearson etext)