Welcome to Room 121

Saturday, November 8, 2014

THIS WEEK: Monday, November 10 - Sunday, November 16, 2014

Monday - PD Day - no classes for students
Tuesday - Remembrance Day - no school 
Wednesday - Morning Math (7:45 a.m.) 

New apps we will be using this week: 

Verso - (free) We will be using this app to anonymously share and comment on our peer's answers/writing. 

Explain Everything ($2.99) - we have used this app already, so some students may already have it.  We will be using this to show our level of learning with some Math concepts. This is one of my favorite apps, as it is not 'subject-specific.' It can be used across the curriculum.

HERE ARE THE ONLINE ASSIGNMENTS FOR THIS WEEK: . These are due Sunday night (November 16).
TYPING WEB: Beginner Course -> Lesson 8 -> Easy Bottom Row Keys

Conceptua Math: Big Idea 2 -> There will be no Conceptua this week.

RazKids: Login to your account and complete one book.

REMEMBER: when you are logging in, the 'customer name' is my email - jporritt@accesscomm.ca, and your login does not have the 205 on the end.

I will give you some class time to work on these assignments, but you will also need to be working on them from home. Do not leave them until the last minute.

This week in Math, we will be completing 2.7 'Order of Operations.' There is no class video to go with this lesson, but there is an excellent 'See It' video in the etext, so be sure to login to your Pearson etext account and view it.