Welcome to Room 121

Saturday, October 25, 2014

THIS WEEK: Monday, October 27 - Sunday, November 2, 2014

Monday - X Timed Test (We are going to have this a day earlier than planned.)
Tuesday -  Hot Dog orders due

Wednesday - Morning Math (7:45 a.m.)
Apps We Will Be Using This Week: Just a reminder that you do not have to purchase these apps. I will make sure your child has access to an iPad to use when we are using these apps if they don't have them on their own device.

EasyChart HD ($0.99) - we started using this app last week with our Rm. 117 Learning Buddies. We will also be using it in Social Studies and Math.

SendAnywhere - (free) app we will use for transferring files to our peers

iMovie - $4.99 (free if you purchased your iPad within the last year, as it is a part of the iLife Suite that Apple provides for free with all new iPad purchases) Our first use of iMovie will be to make book trailers in Language Arts.

TYPING WEB: Beginner Course -> Lesson 6 -> Easy Home Row Words

Conceptua Math: Big Idea 2 -> Understanding Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions. Complete the second folder F-2 (Understand and Improper Fractions) There are 4 lessons to do in this folder, but we will only do the first two this week.   (F2.2.1, F2.2.2). 

REMEMBER: when you are logging in, the 'customer name' is my email - jporritt@accesscomm.ca, and your login does not have the 205 on the end.

I will give you some class time to work on these assignments, but you will also need to be working on them from home. Do not leave them until the last minute.

This week in Math, we will be completing 2.3 'Exploring Multiples' (video) and 2.4 'Prime and Composite Numbers' (video)

Remember that the videos can be used in various ways: 
1) to preview the lesson and be better prepared
2) to review the lesson for better understanding
3) to prepare for a test
4) when you are absent