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Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Spring Break!

I hope everyone is having a great spring break. Here's hoping the weather warms up a bit!

If you are 'bored' and need something to do, maybe you would like to get a head start on our next set of Online Assignments.

HERE ARE THE ONLINE ASSIGNMENTS FOR WHEN WE RETURN: This will be a two week assignment again, and there will be no class time during the first week, as we will be busy getting ready for our Mother's Day Tea. 
TYPING WEB: Advanced Course -> Lesson 3 -> Symbols and Advanced Punctuation (There are 9 exercises.)
Conceptua Math: Big Idea 5 -> Learning Equivalent Fractions. Complete the fourth folder (Find More Than One Equivalent Fraction). There are 4 lessons in this folder (5.4.1, 5.4.2, 5.4.3 and 5.2.4).
REMEMBER: when you are logging in, the 'customer name' is my email - jporritt@accesscomm.ca

Don't forget to keep READing over the break for our READ Challenge. Log in your minutes to Biblionasium to get credit for them.