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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Secret Angels in Room 205

Room 205 will be having ‘Secret Angels’ in our classroom during the week of December 16th – December 20th. This is completely optional/voluntary, as there will be a cost involved. Each student participating will be asked to bring a $15.00 gift for the gift exchange.

It works like this: 
The students participating will draw names, and for the week, they will be expected to do at least two nice things a day for the person whose name they drew. Of course, they will be encouraged to do nice things for everyone, not only to throw their person off, but because it is the right thing to do :-).  These nice things could include such things as: stack their chair, tidy their desk, place a ‘treat’ in their desk, make them a nice card, compliment them, help them out when needed, etc.  On the last day before the winter break, we will have an opportunity to ‘guess’ the Secret Angels and exchange gifts.

I am encouraging all students to take part in the ‘doing of nice things’ for each other, but the drawing of names and gift exchange is completely voluntary. I will ensure that no one feels left out even if they are not taking part in the gift exchange.

Would you please talk about this with your son/daughter, and then have them let me know by the end of the week if they will be participating in the gift exchange, so I know whether or not to include them in the drawing of names? Once we know who is participating, and the students have drawn names, they will have an opportunity to list three or four things they might like to receive as a gift. This should help to make the gift buying easier.

Mrs. P. :-)