Welcome to Room 121

Saturday, November 2, 2013

THIS WEEK: Monday, Novmber 4 - Sunday, November 10, 2013

Friday - We are going to the Fieldhouse on Wednesday afternoon. You will need to bring your gym clothes, $0.25 for a locker and your roller blades, if you wish.
PD Day - no school for students

THIS WEEK'S ASSIGNMENTS:  These are due Sunday night, November 10, 2013. 

TYPING WEB: There will be no typing lesson this week.

RazKids:  There is no RazKids requirement this week, but you must read the Newsela article and quiz: With fingertips and thumb as brushes, creating art on an iPad. Remember that you can do Newsela in class during your •Daily 4• time.

Conceptua Math: Big Idea 2 -> Understanding Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions. Complete the third folder (Understand Improper Fractions) - 4 lessons. REMEMBER: when you are logging in, the 'customer name' is my email - jporritt@accesscomm.ca

There will be some time to work on these in class, but some will also have to be done from home, so do not leave it until the last minute. 

MATH VIDEOS: This week we will be continuing on Unit 2 - Understanding Number. We will be finishing  2.4 Prime and Composite Numbers (video link) and having a Place Value quiz.