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Saturday, June 1, 2013

THIS WEEK: Monday, June 3 - Sunday, June 10, 2013

Mr. Gullickson has posted the June School Newsletter and Calendar. Check it out: http://wshawrylak.rbe.sk.ca/

Don't forget that we are going to Douglas Park for our school Track Meet on Monday! Dress appropriately for the weather and bring a lunch and plenty of water. It is going to be a fun day :-).

We will be finishing our mask making on the first nice day, so dress appropriately for that as well, and hopefully Tuesday will be mask-making day. We will do some S.O.L.E. inquiry this week on masks, and then we will be ready to decorate them next week. 

We will continue with our FLIGHT unit in Science, and by the mid-week of June, we should be ready to assemble our kites. It is going to be a busy finish to the school year.

We have our trip to Moose Jaw on Wednesday, June 12th, so be sure to get your permission note and $ in if you haven't done so already. Thanks to Mrs. Miles and Mrs. Brough for agreeing to come along with us as parent volunteers. We appreciate their help!

Our Conceptua Math race continues and the top two leaders are really making it a race, as they continue to bounce back and forth between first and second place!  I am so proud of all of you who have chosen to continue past the Grade 6 fraction concepts! You will be more than ready for fractions next year! Great job!

Here are the 'race results':

The Conceptua Fraction UPDATE (June 6); right now the leaders are: 

1st - Noah W (COMPLETED - JUNE  3)
2nd - Eugene (8.3.1)
3rd - Sam (7.4.1)
4th - Kyla (7.3.2)
5th -Dawson (7.1.1)
6th - Taylen (6.3.4)
7th - Mitchell (6.2.3)
8th - Breanna, Umair (6.2.2)
8th - √Član (6.1.4)