Welcome to Room 121

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Our next two weeks with be very busy and full of activities, so I will not be assigning any more Online Assignments until the new year. You may continue to work on them on your own, and go ahead if you choose.

We have three Science Centre forms to collect yet, so try to get them in right away, please. If you have not yet returned your Progress Report folder, please do so. All I need back is the folder. You may keep everything that was in it.

Don't forget our Secret Angels. If you are taking part, it starts on Monday, December 17 and runs through December 21. You must do at least two 'nice' things a day (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) for the person whose name you pulled. These can be - stack their chair for them, put something away for them, give them a compliment, place a little cookie or candy in their desk, tidy their desk, help them if they are struggling with an assignment, etc. Be sure to 'fool them' by doing nice things for others as well. :-) Remember that you must have your wrapped $15 gift at school by Wednesday. Please put their name on it and 'From Your Secret Angel.' We will exchange gifts on Friday, December 21.

This week's Morning Math will be on long multiplication. :-)