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Sunday, June 17, 2012


This is going to be one busy week, Room 205, so I hope you had a very restful weekend!

Monday - you have your French wind-up with Mme Gbaka, so remember to bring some snacks :-).

Tuesday - we have a Retirement Assembly for Mme Sabo in the main gym at 2:45.

Thursday - we are at the Tunnels in Moose Jaw all day. Remember to bring a bagged lunch and a bit of spending money. When you get up that morning, if it is raining, you will need to bring some extra money because if we can't eat in the park, we will be stopping at MacDonald's for lunch.

Thursday evening - The Grade 8 Farewell is at 6:30 p.m., so girls be prepared to show your awesome slideshow!

Friday - we have our Kites, Cookies and Cream day! Mrs. Chadwick and I will be supplying the cookies and ice cream with toppings, but we need you to bring your own bowl. We have spoons for you :-). On Friday, we would also like everyone to stay for lunch. Our plan is to go outside, eat our lunch, walk down to an 'open' area to fly the kites, and then we will walk back to the school for the cookies and ice cream :-). When we are all done kite flying and eating dessert :-), the Grade 7s will present their HIV/Aids presentations to Rm. 205 Grade 6s, and then I will say goodbye, as this is my last day with you :-(.

In between all these activities, we have some 'curriculum' to finish up :-), so there will not be any 'dull' moments in Rm. 205 this week!


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