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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

San Diego - Day 4

It was another very busy, but awesome day at the ISTE Convention. I headed off early in the morning and spent a couple of hours looking at the exhibits and what they called 'Posters,' before my first session. I have seen so many different types of 'clickers' that I can't remember the differences between them all. I did see at least one type that allowed you to see the questions on your clickers, and that would be a neat feature to have on ours. That way the Grade 7s could have been using the clickers while I was using the SmartBoard with the Grade 6s, and I would not have had to write the clicker questions on the board or given out a hard copy :-).

Jonathan, I also saw a way to hook Apple TV up to a projector. You were right about needing an adapter, and I got a 'recommendation' for the type of adapter to buy. I hope to try that out next year, as it would be neat for all the teachers who are going to be getting an iPad next year. This summer Smart is making a Notebook app for the iPad, so with the Apple TV hooked up, one could almost have a SmartBoard without the 'board.' :-) It would make it so that you would not have to be 'tethered' to the projector. You could move around the room, and it would be so very easy for students to switch to their iPad to show what they were doing.

So far, I have not seen many apps that I did not already know about, but it has been good, as I have been 'reminded' of several apps we have, but have not made great use of - like Sonic Pics. I know that some of you used this app this year, but I don't think very many of you even tried it out.

Of course, the Exhibitors are giving away lots of 'freebies.' Kirk, I know you would love the USB hub I got that allows several usbs to be hooked up to your computer at once. Ben, you would probably make good use of the 'fidget noodle' I got, and if I wanted to, I could probably come home with enough t-shirts to clothe all of you!!!!

We hope to spend Thursday and Friday doing some tours. We have made plans for some evening activities, but most days, we get back to the hotel late from the conference, and after having something to eat, we are too tired to go back out again :-).

Have another great day with Mrs. S.
Mrs. P. :-)

Kirk, thanks for the 'rain' video and picture. I don't mind missing that kind of weather at all. Here, it is pretty much the same every day - low to mid 20s and sunny :-).