Welcome to Room 121

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Here are your new assignments for the upcoming week. :-)

TypingWeb: I would like you to finish the ninth lesson in the Intermediate Lessons (Intermediate Wrap-up). I will also be checking to make sure you have done some weekend typing. This is the last lesson in the Intermediate Lessons, so you will have a few weeks to raise any typing lessons scores you need to before the Second Term report goes home.

RazKids: You are expected to read and complete the quiz for at least one book this week. Please try to choose informational text.

ConceptuaMath: Folder 5 (Equivalent Fractions) You need to complete the first sub-folder (Introduction to Equivalent Fractions) inside Folder 5 this week. There are four lessons inside this folder. The unit on fractions that the Grade 6s have already started in class (and the Grade 7s will soon be starting) is where you are going to 'reap the benefits' of all the work you have done in Conceptua Fractions so far this year! :-)

I will give you time on Friday of this week to work on your Online Assignments. If you have noticed that I have really cut-back on the Online Assignments, it is because of the 'Futuristic' genre novel study we have just begun. I am expecting some very 'high level' work from you on your novel, so any extra time you have should be spent working on your novel! :-)