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Sunday, May 1, 2011


I hope everyone had a great holiday and got lots of 'rest and relaxation,' as we head into the final stretch of Grade 6!

TenMarksMath: Ratio and Proportion - Ratios and Rate. This assignment is going to require paper and pencil and some 'thought.' It will be challenging! I would like you to do 20 questions, and you will need to hand your assignment paper in. Try working on it during your 'typing time' in class.

Conceptua Fractions
: TRY to complete a least one more level in preparation for the Math test on Thursday AND in preparation for next week's DNA (Decomposing Fractions) test.

TypingWeb: at least 10 minutes done during the week outside of school hours and at least 15 minutes done on the weekend.

: at least 30 minutes. This week choose an 'informational' text to read, as this will help you to prepare for next week's RAD test.

ThatQuiz: I have posted some new tests for the month of May. Complete at least one of them this week.

Here are some quick links to some sites we will be using this week and next:
Weebly: Collaborative (with Rm. 117) Fairy Tale Newspaper project
Diigo: Ancient Civilization research (share sites with our peers)

Tech Buddy Sites: WordHeart and Tagxedo