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Saturday, March 5, 2011

March 7-11

So far, the weather looks good for our Winter fieldtrip on Monday. If I hear anything before 9:00 on Monday morning, I will post it here.

We are nearing the end of Unit 6 in Math, so our unit test will be on Wednesday, March 16th. That gives you lots of time to prepare if you start now. Don't forget there are Extra Practice sheets you can download from our Math Makes Sense site.

Because of the upcoming Math test, I will not be assigning any 10MarksMath this week. I would like you to spend this time preparing for the test. I do want you to do your ten minutes of TypingWeb this week and your 30 minutes of RazKids though, and don't forget to be working on your March ThatQuiz. This week and next, we will be working on the last section of our novel, Section 4, so make it your best section yet!

Progress reports will be going home on Friday, March 25th, so be sure to get all work completed and handed in on time.