Welcome to Room 121

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Room 205: Don't forget that we finish Section 3 of our novel study on Tuesday, and several of you have not yet completed your VoiceThread. We start Section 4 on Wednesday, or Thursday, if we go to Boggy Creek on Wednesday.

Be sure to check out the Math VoiceThreads!!! Those of you who chose to use VoiceThread to explain your answers did FANTASTIC! I loved listening to your 'reasoning,' and you were able to show me a very high level of understanding. Wasn't that easier than trying to write all that out? :-)

Be sure to check out the new iPad app for working with decimals and fractions, Motion Math. Start playing it now, and you will be more than ready for our next Math Unit. It will also help you with the Math Fraction Test that we have to do again in May for the Board Office. If you can't find it on your iPad, just ask me. I may have forgotten to install :-(.