Welcome to Room 121

Monday, January 24, 2011

This Week:

This week there is no TenMarks Math assignment, but you can always go into the site and practice a concept on your own :-).

There is also no home typing due, so this is a good time to make sure you have done enough typing in TypingWeb for January, as I will be evaluating your monthly typing next Monday (January 31). By the end of Term 2, I expect that you have completed ALL Beginner Lessons and MOST, if not all, of the Intermediate Lessons. I see that many of you are already on the Advanced Lessons. Way to go! :-)

Lastly, but definitely not least, you DO have a deadline of next Monday for your January ThatQuiz. About 1/3 of the class is already finished, and most of the rest are almost there, but a few of you have not done any of the quizzes yet, or only one. You best get working on them, so you are not rushing the night before.

Remember that any home reading in RAZ-KIDS counts double on your Reading Logs. Let's move those airplanes this month! :-)