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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Keeping Ourselves 'Organized'

Room 205, Remember how important it is to be organized. Do not leave things until the last minute.

1) I will be posting February's ThatQuiz on February 1st. Complete at least one each week, and you will be done without having to rush at the last minute.
2) This month, I want you to review your Typing assignments to see where you are at as we near the end of Term 2. By the second report card, I expect you to be done all the Beginner Lessons, most, if not all, of the Intermediate Lessons, and you have to have been in the testing center at least 3 times. Most of you have already met the requirements for Term 2. If you haven't, figure out how much 'extra' time you need to be in the site. (By 'extra time,' I mean other than your required classroom time and the time I ask for each week/weekend.) This week, I want 20 minutes of typing done outside of school hours. You can do it during the week OR on the weekend.
3) This week's TenMarksMath assignment is on multiplying decimals. Please read my instructions carefully, as they are a bit different this week. The assignment is due on Sunday night (to be handed in on Monday morning). Better yet, why not try to have it done before the weekend, so you do not end up doing it at the last minute? :-)
4) Remember that I expect you to be reading in Raz-Kids at least once per week. Don't forget that any Raz-Kids reading (or listening) from home counts as double on your Reading Log.

On Tuesday, we will begin Section 2 of our novel groups. Be sure to be in the 'correct' spot when you 'Twitter,' 'TitanPad' or 'VoiceThread.' Ask for help if you are not sure.

This month is Black History month, so here are some sites for you to enjoy. Last week's post on the Holocaust and this week's sites go really well with our novel study on discrimination. Check them out!
Rosa Parks: How I Fought For Civil Rights
Black History
Black History: Then to Now

It is going to be a GREAT week! You will see why when you get to school on Monday morning!